Retention Committee Update 3/8/13

Due to the snow day, retention did not meet. However when we reschedule
we will be looking at the ADP survey which was completed last week; we
will ascertain areas in which we need to prioritize issues/ideas. The
committee is also being invited to the customer service presentation by
Disney on March 19th (Tuesday, 1-2 Brooks Aud (or TBA);, and the final
area is we are reading: An Open Letter to College and University
Leaders: College Completion must be Our Priority. Distributed by
National Commission on Higher Education.


Gender Equity and Women-Centeredness Focus Group Update

Greetings Everyone,

The Committee on Gender Equity and Women-Centeredness has conducted two
focus groups, one with students (four students participated), and one
with staff (seven attendees). Comments from these two groups varied
considerably, but a common denominator had to do with values inherent in
the Honor Principle: caring for community/creating a caring community.

Our committee will hold a focus group with faculty after spring break,
and would like to do another focus group with students. We will survey
alums by adding questions to the general survey being distributed
through the Communications office.