Curriculum and Pedagogy Committee Announces Open Meeting

Larry Shillock of the curriculum and pedagogy ad hoc committee has extended an invitation to students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumnae, and Wilson employees past and present for an open meeting on 26 February at 11a.m. in Warfield Auditorium. Building on the recent recommendations from the Commission on the Future of Wilson College, the committee is “to consider how pedagogy may need to change at Wilson to fit well with an additional population of men and be inclusive. It will also consider ways in which the curriculum and pedagogy can retain the women-centeredness that is important to Wilson College as an historic women’s college.”

The committee’s members–Paula Kellinger, Kay Ackerman, Amy Ensley, and I–want your input on what is best about Wilson classrooms and women-centered experience and what can be made better still. All perspectives are welcome.