Progress Report: Co-education Recruitment Implementation Committee

The full committee has met three times. Out of these meetings the following actions have or will occur:

• Hosted a meeting with Wilson staff members to learn their thinking about what the  college may need to address to recruit male students. Their suggestions have been added to the “Recommendations” that appear below.

• Hosted a meeting with Wilson faculty for the same purpose.

• Identifying a time to meet with all full-time male students for their input.

• Made arrangements for a focus group of male students at Shippensburg High School. Currently working with James Buchanan and CASHS for the same.

• Prof. Lisa Woolley accompanied VP Naso for a visit with the entire CASHS guidance staff and their college counselor where all plans for Wilson’s future were presented as was faculty perspective on writing, small classes and academic rigor.

• Enrollment and Athletics will co-host an event on campus for secondary school guidance personnel, athletic coaches and athletic directors and for the counseling staffs of community colleges on Tuesday, April 30.