Wilson College Makes Change to Co-Ed; Holds College Tours

Nov. 19, 2013

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – As Wilson College transitions into a co-ed school, they’re rebranding their image and hosting various district superintendents and principals for college tours. On Tuesday, Chambersburg Area School District administrators visited the college and learned about the new Wilson College.

“Many times in education we don’t know some of the facilities and opportunities available to our students that are very close at hand,” said Dr. Eric Michael, Wilson College master of education program director.

Wilson college hosted a community outreach day for the Chambersburg Area School District superintendents and principals, showing what the school has to offer and the new changes coming.

“Well, I think when learn what a resource we are on many, many fronts, that’s going to have a trickle down effect in the various school systems,” said Mary Ann Naso, vice president of enrollment at Wilson College.

School officials hope partnering with Wilson College could encourage more students to pursue a higher education

“So you have a range of higher education opportunities, but yet you don’t have a high populous graduating from high school that doesn’t have a high going to college ratio and we believe that needs to be a lot higher because in tomorrow’s world students are going to need to have more than a high school education, much more,” said Dr. Joe Padask, Chambersburg Area School District superintendent.

So far, admission officials say they’ve already surpassed their applications record with 14-15 percent of them being male.

“With the addition of going co-ed, we hope to grow the college, but grow the community,” said Dr. Michael.

Wilson college officials say they want to continue these partnerships with the various school systems, not just exposing high school students to the campus but students K-12.

Wilson college is also hosting an open house for high school students this weekend. For more information, head to their website: http://www.wilson.edu/visit/index.aspx