Traditions Committee

The Traditions Committee met for the last time this semester on May 9.  We have gotten a lot of feedback from students about their views on Wilson’s traditions and some of the challenges they face in trying to preserve them.  Some themes that have come up repeatedly among students and in our meetings are:

• Need for better communications about Wilson’s traditions between student groups

• Need for improved communications between students and staff members regarding traditions and compliance with policies, laws, and the Honor Principle

• Desire to make traditions more inclusive of the various student populations at Wilson i.e. ADP, WWC, international students

• Desire to incorporate male students into traditions and the right to reserve some traditions for female students only

• Opening for the College to support specific traditions in a variety of ways including providing venues, financial support, promotion, etc.

The Committee is working on a recommendation that would create an advisory panel of staff and students that would provide a forum for communications about traditions.  The make up of this panel will be discussed in future meetings and may include faculty and alumnae.  The goal of the panel would be to support the students who are responsible for carrying on traditions.  The panel would serve as an informational resource about how traditions are put into practice.

Other ideas for continued discussion include: proposal to make Spring Fling into a more inclusive, family friendly event that could invite people and vendors from the Chambersburg community to increase fund-raising potential; seeking out physical space for classes to use for planning and storing traditions material; ideas for promoting traditions during orientation; creating digital or physical copies of class notebooks to be stored in the C. Elizabeth Boyd ’33 Archives for emergency use only; ways to connect current student and alumnae to increase communication about where traditions have come from and how they have evolved.