Curriculum and Pedagogy Committee

The Curriculum and Pedagogy Committee is completing work in the following areas:

  • Identifying how faculty currently define women-centeredness in terms of pedagogy and course content.
  • Identifying how faculty are currently incorporating a women-centered focus in their courses, both in terms of pedagogy and course content.
  • Identifying the current strengths of the college in this regard. Identifying the areas in which the college can improve in this regard.
  • Providing recommendations and resources with particular attention to sustaining the commitment to a women-centered education in the future.

The committee has surveyed faculty, held an open-forum which was attended by faculty, staff, students and alumnae, and researched resources on best-practices in women-centered and student-centered pedagogies.

We are compiling results and recommendations.

Value and Affordability Implementation

Value and Affordability Implementation April 5, 2013

Members: Mary Ann Naso, Freya Burnett, Brian Speer, Leslie Hoover, Brian Ecker

The press release will be completed by early next week and will be sent to the committee members.  We decided not to name the Valedictorian scholarships after the Lenfest – it will be named the Founders Valedictorian Scholarship.  We are still evaluating the date to qualify for this scholarship. The treatment of transfer students for financial aid awards was discussed. The practice of other schools is to award transfer students with less financial aid.  We will continue to review.  Mary Ann, Linda, and Brian E will meet to discuss our financial aid packaging philosophy.  We continue to work on the naming of the new scholarships.  We will look for several parents of a current junior high school student to share the draft debt buyback with to get their feedback.  As a starting point, it was propose that financial literacy be offered as a topics course and plan to schedule in the fall.  In the future, it could be part of the regular curriculum.    Freya will put together information on the course work for next week’s meeting.  We are planning for this program to start in the fall of 2014.  For Fall 2013, we will look for seminars that could provide financial literacy.