Value and Affordability Implementation

Brian Speer circulated a draft press release for the debt buyback program.  The release was discussed and edits suggested.

The release will be sent to various outlets and the communications department will work up a pitch for some bigger outlets.

We need to come up with names for three scholarship levels. Brian Speer will circulate to the committee information on historical names to consider for the names for the scholarship.

The practice of financial aid for transfer students was discussed. The practice at other schools is to award transfer students lesser amounts in merit scholarship dollars. Members in Phi Theta Kappa are getting the bigger scholarship. Mary Ann is working on a grid to include the transfer scholarships.

We will be having phone conversations with parents of current high school juniors on Friday and Monday to get feedback on the debt buyback program and the prepared narrative document.

Freya discussed how to implement a financial literacy course in the senior year.  We want to add a financial literacy course to the curriculum during the fall semester amd make it a ½ credit course. The course content was reviewed. The culminating experience will be to develop a professional plan around financial literacy.

It was suggested the course should be scheduled two days a week for 75 minutes.  The course would have 6 weeks of presentations and the last week would be used to develop the professional plan. The committee was asked to send any feedback on course content to Freya. We want to start the senior financial literacy course as a topics course in the spring of 2014 and make it a course for the fall 2014.