Traditions Committee: March 7 update

The Traditions Committee met on March 7 for the first time.  We are still looking for an alumna from an Even class who would be interested in volunteering for the Committee, so please contact if you are interested and available (either in
person or via conference call or Skype/Facetime.)  After introductions we discussed the Committee’s charge and timeline.  Then identified resources for information on traditions and began to discuss the traditions list presented by Amy L.  Before our next meeting, the students who were present agreed to begin the process of getting feedback from current students at the next WCGA Pizza Talk and later at dedicated class meetings.  Future topics for the Committee to consider include how to bring ADP students into the fold, continued examination of individual traditions past and present, and how the college can
support specific traditions to make them more inclusive for the entire student body.

Wilson College Traditions List